Through light and shadow, Kevin Vincenzo Keating artist and curator presents:
GHOSTS an Exhibition and Gallery Closing Party at WGLC

Thursday April 18th 6-8PM

BAR gallery Willesden, 95 High Road, LONDON, NW10 2SF

ghosts 5

The Gallery has been home to both local and international artists, who’ve contributed to the creative scene in Brent, through its social impact and strong community. This event will be a recognition of the invaluable achievements of Bar and; the memories that have been created and the bright future yet to come!
This unique conceptual show, curated by Kevin, will involved the results of projecting and painting the Ghosts of resident artists onto the gallery walls. The event will offer an opportunity to interact in a new way with the gallery space, and make a mark on what has long been the home of many local artists’.
Kevin says “Ghosts is an expression of what I, and other artists feel is an abrupt end to an exciting gallery.  A feeling of not wanting to leave and leaving something of ourselves attached onto the walls of our past.  But this closure will enable us to look forward, face new challenges, using the uncertainty of space and funding to our advantage by making work that is reactive and pushing new boundaries.  And as we work under this new light, we ask our selves is it possible that our best work is yet to be created?’
 For more info contact
 BAR – Brent Artist’s Resource is an artist led voluntary organization founded in 1984. We aim to: serve the cultural needs of the people of Brent and North West London, provide a supportive environment for artists in their professional development, create opportunities to participate in the Visual Arts through exhibitions, workshops, mentoring schemes and information

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