Lisbon In Motion

Imogen Eveson 01                        Artist Imogen Eveson will be giving a talk about her work

Lisbon in Motion

8 May – 1 June 2012

Lisbon IN Motion is all about sound, light and movement. It is conceived as an interactive video-installation, aiming to appropriate the public space, through a sensorial experience, the mechanical movement of a tram as a metaphor of Lisbon. Spectators move forward and backward riding up and down through the seven hills of the city with the beats of the knife sharpener, claxons, brakes, and construction works, running in parallel with the gradations of sun light throughout the day. Introduced in the 19th century, the yellow trams are a traditional form of public transport in Lisbon, and were originally built in England, all polished wood and chrome. The old yellow trams still employ four wheel vehicles designed in the early 20th century. More info at


Cristina Zabalaga is a full time writer and a visual artist based in Lisbon. Cristina was trained and worked as a Journalist and specialized in Intercultural Communication. Her work explores the interaction between writing, photography and video-art. In 2011 her photography art work was selected for the New York Provocation Festival and for the Urban Biennial in Bolivia. Most recently, her first short documentary film entitled Bra-Fitting was selected for the 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge in 2012. Contact:

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