Harlesden Gallery: An Ideal Soup

 The Harlesden Gallery presents


An Ideal Soup

11 April to 4 May 2012


An Ideal Soup’ brings together a collection of work from the ever expanding number of artists that make up the Harlesden Gallery. The ‘soup’ is an eclectic body of work that mirrors and celebrates Harlesden’s diverse culture and community.

This intriguing exhibition combines sculpture, painting, photography and mixed media that not only highlight the talent of the group but also echo the ethos of the Willesden Green Gallery. The venue is home to the Brent Artist Resource, a similarly multifarious and community minded organization. ‘An Ideal Soup’ will be one of the last shows at the Willesden Green Centre before it’s demolished and redeveloped as a part of a new arts hub for the area. We also wish to proudly showcase the works of the Harlesden Gallery Juniors – a budding bunch of artists from the John Keble Primary School in Harlesden, who also recently stole the show at last year’s Harlesden High Street show!

Gabriel Parfitt, Gallery creator and curator:   gabrielparfitt@hotmail.com

Featuring Harlesden Gallery Artists:  Alex McIntyre,  Carni Griffiths,  Christine Warrington,  Dijana Bekvalac,  Elizabeth James,  Elizabeth Porter,  Gabriel Parfitt, Ines Szamrey,  Kitty Hillier,  Lorenzo Belenguer, Mary Pritchard , Nicola Anthony, Odette Farrell,  Oksana Veber,  Pete Webster,  Piky,  Richard Tilbury,  Will Parker, Henryk Terpilowski                               http://www.harlesdengallery.co.uk

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