The title Not in Transit, stands in contrast to the concept of transience inherent in the word nomadic, the latter making reference to the original intention of the 100+ artists that form the Espacio Gallery Project, to organize shows that will travel between established galleries whilst the artists search for their own gallery space.   The show features a diverse group of emerging artists, based in the UK with cultural roots around the world, whose shared intention and artistic journeys come together as an invitation for non-transient aesthetic experiences, that is, to convey a lasting impression by way of an intimate dialogue between the artist, the work and the viewer. 

ARTISTS: Bola Adamolekun,  Laura Bello,  Judith Bieletto,  Michael Blow,  Stephanie Brunton,  Carlos de Lins, Julie Eccles, Enrique Gavilanes, Nick Hazzard, Stephanie Herbert, Juli Jana , Martin Masterson, Valerie G. Montgomery,  Chandra Morar, Laura Reiter, Renee Rilexie, Wendy Roberts,Alexis van El
For further information please contact  Enrique Gavilanes                        gavilanes.enrique@gmail.com.

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