Monthly Archives: January 2012


The title Not in Transit, stands in contrast to the concept of transience inherent in the word nomadic, the latter making reference to the original intention of the 100+ artists that form the Espacio Gallery Project, to organize shows that will travel between established galleries whilst the artists search for their own gallery space.   The show features a diverse group of emerging artists, based in the UK with cultural roots around the world, whose shared intention and artistic journeys come together as an invitation for non-transient aesthetic experiences, that is, to convey a lasting impression by way of an intimate dialogue between the artist, the work and the viewer. 

ARTISTS: Bola Adamolekun,  Laura Bello,  Judith Bieletto,  Michael Blow,  Stephanie Brunton,  Carlos de Lins, Julie Eccles, Enrique Gavilanes, Nick Hazzard, Stephanie Herbert, Juli Jana , Martin Masterson, Valerie G. Montgomery,  Chandra Morar, Laura Reiter, Renee Rilexie, Wendy Roberts,Alexis van El
For further information please contact  Enrique Gavilanes