Brent Art Fair 2011


Brent Art Fair 2011

6305977381_de81422a62Figures by Alex Mackintyre

15 November – 17 December 2011

Featuring work from emerging and established artists, The Brent Art Fair will give visitors a unique opportunity to explore the hidden art of one of London’s most vibrant and culturally diverse community galleries.
Public art installations by Alex McIntyre and Poppy Whatmore       Curators, Jolanta Jagiello and Socrates Loupas
The show is in association with The Brent Sport, Culture and Learning Forum. BSCLF consists of Local businesses, and Arts, Sporting and Learning providers in the area, was set up to deliver a joint cultural offer for Brent. The forum believes that Culture plays a crucial role in tackling social exclusion, encouraging healthier lifestyles, promoting safer communities and is a catalyst for lifelong learning. More information
We would like to thank the following organizations for providing the awards for The Best in Brent: Fountain Studios, Ace Cafe London, Lexi Cinema, Wembley Plaza Hotel, Tricycle Theatre and Brent Council.


15 November 2011 – 7 January 2012

London Independent Photography – Queens Park Branch

Every Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The 8th annual exhibition by the Queens Park Group brach of London Independent Photography. The show features 14 local members exhibiting work that represents, or has been inspired by a piece of literature. The images may have been inspired by a quote, a line from a poem, lyrics from a song or anything broadly connected to “the written word”. Pictorial expressions and visual interpretations of the feelings and meanings of a simple phrase. It will be a chance to see a diverse and evocative body of work from an established local group
Organised by Pete Webster –


3 responses to “Brent Art Fair 2011

  1. Janey McAllester

    Where exactly is this art fair – I can’t see an address?

  2. Brent Artists Resource

    If you go to the contact section, it tells where we are

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