Inspiration For All at Willesden Green!

Made in Britain by Josiah. F. Akushie

Inspiration for all at Willesden Green

18 October to 11 November 2011

Raymond Daley, the curator, says: “Inspiration can be given to us through the passion and determination of others when we have the drive to succeed against the odds and the will to open the doors of opportunity. The exhibition explores our perceptions, simulations and creative intentions which enliven us. Is the power to inspire absolute or is it a collective effort? “
The exhibition will portray the achievements of British people of Caribbean and African descent and also those who have influenced them. This will include celebrities and great achievers such as Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse, Lennox Lewis, Tessa Sanderson, Germaine Defoe etc.

Talk by international speaker and author Dr Hakim Adi, discussing the transition of the African and Caribbean Diaspora 3 November 7pm

Artists: Raymond Daley, Gary Tenant and Josiah F. Akushie
Curator by Raymond Daley   07828 164 377

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