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TESTIMONIES – a London 2012 Cultural Olympiad project

Until 3rd August 2012


BAR’s Cultural Olympiad and Inspire Mark project created to explore Londoners’ stories and experiences before the Olympics in 1948 and today in 2012.

TESTIMONIES is BAR’s largest project to date, supported by £30,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund  Testimonies was a platform for exploring Londoners’ stories and expectations before the Olympics in 1948 and today – in advance of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Created by BAR, in collaboration with lead artist Lorenzo Belenguer,  in response to London residents looking to have a more active role in the Olympics, TESTIMONIES aims are to empower conversation about this historic event and provide a legacy for the 2012 Olympics. By inviting people that competed or witnessed in the 1948 Olympic Games to share their story, it aims to draw comparisons between both Olympic Games held in London and reveal both the similarities and differences between then and now. The launch event is open to all Londoners and will give everyone the chance to talk to those that have provided their testimony, including residents who were at the 1948 London Olympics; experts in Oral History from the British Library and the Sydney Olympics; staff from Wembley Stadium and Arena and just everyone who wants to come and talk about the Olympics.
The Testimonies project has also been shown at exhibitions at The University of the Arts at King’s Cross, POSK Gallery in the Polish Cultural Centre and Soho.
Munira Mirza, Advisor on Culture and Youth to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, said   “We want as many Londoners as possible getting involved in the 2012 Games, being inspired by both the sporting action and the wide-ranging programme being planned as part of the Cultural Olympiad. TESTIMONIES is a wonderful project, connecting local people to one of the most exciting years in London’s history and creating fascinating record for long after the athletes have run and the medals have been won.”

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I AM by Pouka

‘I AM’    an Exhibition by PoukaI AM by Pouka


22 September – 14 October 2011

I AM is a series of 12 panels of oil on canvas; each canvas measures 1.5 x 2.1 m, giving a total size of 18 m long by 2.1m high.  I have completed 6 out of the 12 panels. The title “I AM” comes from the invisible, something who is and hasn’t been made and has always existed. The main body of the painting is our planet with it’s transformation through time, as we all know our universe started with the Big Bang and after the Big Bang, we saw the development of galaxies, stars, planets etc. Following that human ego of civilisation and path of no return, to our greatest technology achievements and supernatural intelligence and so called power. This leads us to build more power plants and gas pipes, and digging every corner of the earth, which is the only place designed for humans to dwell in; to send with no control or supervision, different spaceships and satellites out of our planet, causing instead a huge dump of wreckage in the atmosphere. That, in return will specifically be the end of our own existence. Reflecting the circle of life, the cause and effect, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, life and death.
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