Artwork from Queens Park School


Similarities and Difference

23 June to 15 July 2011

GCSE and A level artwork from Queens Park School

Is a culmination of working exploring the themes ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Environments’ by students from Queen Park Community School and all the work is produced by art students aged 15-18 living in Brent. The exhibition is a celebration of achievement and a chance to see some fascinating viewpoints and perspectives of young people and how they interpret the influences of Art history and their own ideas. Willesden Green Gallery has a long tradition with the school offering opportunities for student to curate and display their work for 3 weeks every year. Please take this opportunity to explore a dynamic exhibition, which includes a diverse range of work with materials including, painting, collage and 3D construction.  The poster design is based on the work of 16 year Titus Vilimus during his exam unit he drawing/painting many large scale painting on the human figure and leaping.

Alison Hook  –


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