Willesden Sunset and Other Pictures

Willesden Sunset and other pictures


19 April to 13  May 2011

Lucien Freud described the activity of painting as following an ‘internal sense of direction’, maintaining a set of standards and struggling to follow your instincts. He agrees with that great painter’s description. As the title suggests many pictures of Willesden Green are featured in the exhibition, ’Dipti in Gladstone Park’ and ‘View at the front of the Library’ for example. But the show could equally be called ‘People places and objects’. The exhibition starts with a seascape of Skegness beach and ends with a still life of brussel sprouts.  ‘Willesden Sunset and other pictures’ is an attempt to show highlights of a personal journey. It feels like going to see a film that I have only known through still photographs.
One of my favourite painters is the late Bhupen Khakhar. He worked for most of his life as an accountant in the mornings and painted the rest of the day. At present I work for four days teaching art in a school and paint in between times. For large periods of my life I have concentrated on other activities like learning Japanese, coaching park football, holding trade union positions or standing as a candidate for Respect in a local by-election. Within all these times my own art has taken a back seat, and yet it all seems to me as if these other activities are some sort of ‘creative compost.’
 Tim Danby lives and works in Willesden Green, London
post@timdanby.plus.com / http://www.timdanby.co.uk

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