Images from Andalusia

 Images from Andalusia

An Exhibition of paintings by Helen Brown and Anna Martin

19 April to 13  May 2011

Helen Brown; I have selected these images from my visits to Andalucia in Spain. The Andalucian landscape is one of dry, hot semi dessert conditions. The  aroma of the thyme and rosemary bushes with the pomegranate flowers , and the sounds of the music of De Falla who transposed folk Coplas into such sublime music,  provide  a wonderful stimulating environment to  paint.
Anna Martin studied  at the Chelsea School of Art in London,  and Parsons School of Design in New York followed by many years working in Madrid in the fields of publishing and advertising.  “My work is about expressing colour and emotion, rhythm and dynamics. My paintings are aimed at transformation and eliciting unconscious responses in the viewer. I aim to capture the essence of the subject giving more intensity through working unconsciously, often on several paintings at a time and this results in a unique approach for each painting. My subjects are varied as this keeps the creative momentum going. “
The exhibition is supported by Paint Andalucia
Helen Brown –

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