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Exhibition in Print 2011

BAR Members Exhibition in Print

Cevennes by John Read

15 February – 18 March 2011

This BAR exhibition will focus on printmaking: monoprints, etchings, screenprints, lithographs, lino and woodcuts – and prints combined with other media. It will showcase some of Brent’s wealth of artistic talent, from the established to the up and coming artist. This is a unique opportunity to explore the hidden art of one of London’s most vibrant and culturally diverse communities.

The exhibition is kindly sponsored by:


Little Voice

Abstract 01 by Tom Jones

La Société de la Petite Voix

15 February – 18 March 2011

We are a group of artists whose aim is to collaboratively exhibit and sell our work as a cooperative, with any profits being equally distributed between all artists, where they will be used to fund their ongoing studies in the area of fine-art photography.  We believe that through an exhibition held within a local community – we give that community easy access to original works of Art. Rather than sit and moan about our economic plight we wish to raise funds to pay the fees for further study.  By working together as a cooperative, we hope that each of our small voices will be more loudly heard.

As the photographer W Eugine Smith said “Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.”     Web:

Curated by David Carter / 079 6765 8202 /