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The Bitter Season – Shikyba Azizi

THE BITTER SEASON by Shikyba Azizi

Prisoner inside the veil by shikyba azizi

11 January to 11 February 2011

Shikyba Azizi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She lives and works in London.She says: “Through my work, I try to reflect events experienced in war torn Afghanistan my homeland. Personal experiences of war where death, destruction, hunger are commonplace in extreme context to my life in the west where I live in exile. My work attempts to address issues relating to the tyranny of war and can be seen as a metaphor for eternal conflict and resistance.
Through a process of abstraction and the use of metaphor my works engage the viewer in a dialogues that attempt to more beyond the specific in an attempt to come to terms with the complexity of the situation. I use monochromatic materials as main material for my work. My current sculpture works are concerned with using black fabric and wire in a symbolic way. By cutting, pulling and dissecting the materials, I explore a sudden intense feeling of fear into the space.”
We would like to thank the British Afghan Women’s Society and the Afghan Association Paiwand for their generosity in sponsoring this exhibition.
Shikyba Azizi


Stuck on the Wall

Stuck on the Wall

11 January to 11 February 2011

The Stuckists are one of the most dynamic and interesting groups in the UK nowadays, they need no introduction.  Although The Stuckists  exhibited at the Walker Gallery in 2004 and in Mayfair in 2010 Chris Yates says that, for him, BAR  is his favourite ‘gig’ because of the ‘inclusive’ nature of the venue and the diversity of culture that the work is exposed to .
Artists exhibiting:    Ella Guru, Charles Thomson, Joe Machine, Wolf Howard, Mark D, Chris Yates Sky, Lucy Doo, Alice Marrinan, Dan Belton, Jasmine Maddock, David Wilson, Hamed Lapsking Dehnavi, Jacqueline Jones, Kyla Bullows, Paddy Cartwright and Jane Kelly
Chris Yates

Ceramics by Mariwan Jalal

Mariwan Jalal : Ceramics

December 2010

My work takes inspiration from geometrical Islamic design of Muslim Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), which has been home to some of the oldest major civilizations. Since the rise of the first cities in southern Mesopotamia 5300BCE Mesopotamia has been under Hellenistic, Persian, Mongol and Turkic rule, which have all left their mark on their rich cultural heritage?  My work is hand built with ceramic tiles, ceramics reliefs and wall pieces.  I have created form from soft slabs of clay. I have wanted to build an abstract form but one that is evocative, displaying an organic and sensual quality. Clay surfaces decorative with screen-print, slip colouring and different layering that make the surfaces of my work rich with density. The quality of the clay surface adds a new and sensual dimension to my work. The pieces become tactile that reach out with those that view them as deep within are pictures aiming to merge colour and form.