Susan Austin

Susan Austin Exhibiting in the Glass Cabinet

October November 2010

Blyth Estuary 2009 by Susan Austin

‘I am exhibiting a group of small structures made from very basic materials: painted index cards held together with glue and thread and mounted on cardboard.  Each year I make a few sketches during our trips to Norfolk and Suffolk, representing the usual places, all part of that fringe of marsh bordering the East Anglia coast. I had been trying to convert my drawings into paintings on canvas, but somehow I feel more comfortable with these layered constructions which clearly do not attempt to represent accurately the landscapes they are derived from. These were made this year, based on drawings I did in 2009. I quite like their tattiness, which suggests they lack the status of proper fine art. And I like that I can fold them up and carry them around in my bag, to open up and remind me of the places I love until the next time we go”


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