Favourite Things

The Falls by Sarah Baker

Favourite Things

Group Exhibition     19 October to 12 November 2010

“These are a few of my favourite things”.  Everyone knows the song from the Sound of Music and we all have our “favourite things”.  Among these could be an object such as a  memento from a holiday, a gift from a loved one or a picture.  It could be an aspect of nature such as a particular flower, tree or landscape or a certain type of weather.  It could be a certain kind of food of drink. A favourite thing could also be something more intangible such as friendship, family life, certain qualities we value in people such as integrity, warmth or humour.  Lastly, it could be a certain system of beliefs or moral values, which guide our lives.
Featuring art works by:  Sarah Baker, Nadia Burns, Andrew Moore, Tigz Rice, Lorenz Widmaier, Yasmine Boulestin, Constance Slaughter, Charles McLaren, Dave Corcoran, Michelle Theodotou, Sally Shephar, Mary Pritchard and Leila Bibizadeh.
Curated by Sarah Harris:   sarahchristin54@hotmail.com

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