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Following a Lime Tree

John Blandy

Following a Lime Tree  by John Blandy

14 September to 15 October 2010

John Blandy combines an abstract style of painting with a constant alertness to change, mood and movement in landscape. The aim is to give a feeling of being there, in a collection of moments. The work in this exhibition comes together in a storybook of change, highlighting the difference while reinforcing the constant cycle of growth and decay. The work has developed from sites John Blandy has painted over many years: Queen’s Park, a short stretch on the Seacourt near Oxford and a farmhouse in the Charente, France. ‘Following a Lime tree’ began in 1997. The artist has built a series of over 2000 pastels that track the changes of weather and season as he paints this lime tree in the park on a daily basis.
John Blandy, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, has been represented by Cassian de Vere Cole Fine Art (2001-3) and the Francis Kyle Gallery (1985-95). His work is part of the permanent collections in Hammersmith Hospital and St George’s Hospital, Tooting and many private collections. 020 8960 3040

Colour Blind: Paintings by Pouka

Colour Blind by Pouka

Colour Blind: Paintings by Pouka

4 September to 15 October 2010

Pouka: “I aim to show, in my work, the value and the privilege to be alive.  I believe everything created has its own purpose, like the earth we live in ­– there is no other place where humans can share the same breath with animals and plants or drink the same water. The diversification of my art enables me to reach out to people’s minds and engage them in better understanding about the world we live in.  Much of my work draws on the environmental transformations that are happening in the world and the effect that these changes have on mankind and nature. The vibrant aspect and diversity of each painting brings alive the subject to the viewer.  Many people, from young to old, have been captured and amazed by both the content and energy of my paintings in past exhibitions”. 07800 583 470