Photographs by Nicky Young

Vast Expanse 4 by Nicky Young

Photographs by Nicky Young on TheWall@TheGallery

August 2010

Nicky Young has spent the best part of her life growing up in a field in Wiltshire, before uprooting and embarking on a long journey north to Manchester where she has resided since 2001. In 2008 she completed a photography degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. Nicky takes her inspiration from anything and everything between the green fields of the country to the bright lights of the city. She focuses mainly on the abstract and is particularly interested in the themes of colour, texture and light.
Focusing on scrutinising the dirty pots and pans we see everyday but take for granted, I hope to transport the viewer into another world. ‘My aim is to challenge how we perceive the mundane and banal objects that surround us by recycling them, through photography, into aesthetic images. I ultimately want to show that what we see is up to how we look at things, and just by changing that act of looking we can create something awe inspiring from something redundant and ineffectual.’  Nicky Young

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