Stop Motion Parts I and II

Battle of Britain monument on the Embankment by Sabine Thoele

Stop Motion Parts I and II

16 August to 11 September 2010

The exhibition is in two halves. The first half, between Monday 16 August and 28 August will show the work of 11 photographers from the group and the second half between 31 August and 11 September, will show the work of a further twelve.
The exhibition consists of around 160 images between 23 photographers, using a wide range of media. The members were challenged to realize the theme ‘Stop Motion’, which has been interpreted in many ways. As well as incisive street photography there are more delicate realisations involving poetic sequences, illustrated by movement in the act of artistic creation.   Curated by Quentin Ball RPS
The Queens Park Group is a satellite of London Independent Photography and a forum for both amateurs and professional photographers alike. Our activities are designed to bring together photographers with different levels of interests and expertise who are interested in developing their personal approach to photography and improving their skills. The group meet regularly each month at the Gallery and informally to talk about each other’s work and to swap notes and experiences.
Exhibiting are: Mark Adams, Mish Aminoff, Jerry Barnett, Jeanine Billington, Zelda Blackadder, Tim Crowe, Amanda Dolan, Steve Gross, Natasa Jandric, Vanja Karas, Nadjib Lefleurier, Marina Lewis, David  Little, Janet Nabney, John Nabney, Lucilla Nitto, Lucy O’Meara, Mary Pritchard, Christophe Riccio, Sabine Thoele, Tony Wallis, Pete Webster, David Whiting
Queens Park Group website
For more information contact Pete Webster
For press images contact  Tony Wallis,

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