Ethereal Material

Volcanic Ash by Sara Scott

Ethereal Material – A Group Exhibition

20 July to 13 August 2010

A new exhibition that explores how the artists respond to materials characterized by unusual delicacy and high refinement. Ethereal Material arrives at a time when the Icelandic ash cloud has begun to settle, whilst the artistic response to this volcanic event has only just begun to erupt.  This contemporary exhibition will investigate the ethereality of materials and how their fragility can be explored further.
List of artists: Nick Baelz, Lorenzo Belenguer, Abigail Dace, Richard Egere, Josie Graff, Alex Halfin, Emma Hobbins, Jolanta Jagiello, Mali, Belinda Opie and Sara Scott.
All artists’ images and statement can be seen from
Performance by Kiki Taira
Surplus : eau de toilette / The Sun is but One Anus (2010) by Jammie Nicholas
Forming apart of the project The Sun is but One Anus (2010), which is located within the notion of the balance between production and consumption, Surplus : eau de toilette (2010) is a limited edition perfume that has been made from the excess of the body using the traditional processes of essential oil extraction, perfume mixing and perfume branding: conventionally discarded materials are re-consumed to produce a luxury commodity.

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