The Wall@The Gallery: Emerging Issues

The Milledgeville Experience by Jorge Esteban Zapata

Netizen_(Head_in_the_Cloud) by Sue Tabitten

The Wall@The Gallery: Emerging Issues

This exhibition will display the work of a group of artists working in the UK and the USA, exploring how we are managing the new problems created by the information society. The rapid development of Information Technology throughout the world has led to a radical change in business, education, leisure and the rise of social networking. In fact, all of these activities are now much more interconnected. Over the last decade, our daily lives have been expanded by the many choices that the internet gives us. However, the point highlighted here is what strategies we use to approach the enormous quantity of data available to us nowadays. Is the man in the street able to face up to the avalanche of messages and adverts he lives with? Can we respond to every requirement (moral, politic, aesthetic, etc.) that is constantly sent to us by the media?
Contributing artists: Nick Dedics, Soraia Almeida,  Jorge Esteban Zapata, Fran Ortega, Sandra Crisp, Emily Góme, Holly McGlynn, Sue Tarbitten, Helen Flanagan, TeaYoun Kim-Kassor


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