TheWall@TheGallery: Flick ‘n Click Art

An exhibition of Iconic Cinema Posters advertising Artists from Blockbuster Shows
Co-curated by Julia Dennis & Jolanta Jagiello
18 May 2010 – 18 June 2010.

Cinematic posters go back to advertising the earliest public showings of films inside movie theatres. Modern cinema posters feature illustrations of a scene or overlay images from several scenes, in a wide variety of artistic styles. Artists have been employed to produce original movie poster artwork from modern cult classics to vintage legends, such as Gone with Wind, Calendar Girls, Edward Scissorhands, and Pulp Fiction.
The Flick n’ Click Art exhibition is inspired by the teaser poster – an early promotional film poster, containing a basic image or design without revealing too much information on the plot, and characters. The purpose of the Flick ‘n Click Art exhibition is to incite awareness, and generate hype for a blockbuster art exhibition, artist or collection of artworks, rather than a film. To include artists such as Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, David Mckean, and Julian Opie.

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