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Work, Rest and Play

GCSE artwork from students at Queens Park School

23 June to 15 July 2010

A specific focus on Identity

Work, rest and play could perhaps be a very simple and succinct way to describe the way human beings live their lives. To be able to work, rest and play conveys a modern interest in being able to maintain a balanced lifestyle. It is also this years GCSE Exam theme. This is starting point for looking at the work of talented GCSE and A’ level students at Queens Park Community School. This work has been completed over the last two years using a wide variety of materials, including collage, woodblock printing and oil painting.
The students looked at a diverse range of influences including visits to other countries and workshops in school, photographing their homes, exploring how the world sees them. They explored cultural identity and symbolism through print workshops and painting.

The Wall@The Gallery: Emerging Issues

The Milledgeville Experience by Jorge Esteban Zapata

Netizen_(Head_in_the_Cloud) by Sue Tabitten

The Wall@The Gallery: Emerging Issues

This exhibition will display the work of a group of artists working in the UK and the USA, exploring how we are managing the new problems created by the information society. The rapid development of Information Technology throughout the world has led to a radical change in business, education, leisure and the rise of social networking. In fact, all of these activities are now much more interconnected. Over the last decade, our daily lives have been expanded by the many choices that the internet gives us. However, the point highlighted here is what strategies we use to approach the enormous quantity of data available to us nowadays. Is the man in the street able to face up to the avalanche of messages and adverts he lives with? Can we respond to every requirement (moral, politic, aesthetic, etc.) that is constantly sent to us by the media?
Contributing artists: Nick Dedics, Soraia Almeida,  Jorge Esteban Zapata, Fran Ortega, Sandra Crisp, Emily Góme, Holly McGlynn, Sue Tarbitten, Helen Flanagan, TeaYoun Kim-Kassor

The Spring Show

Kerala by Salesh Kapur

A group exhibition by BAR members

18 May – 18 June 2010

Featuring work from emerging talent as well as established local artists, this group show will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy and purchase an eclectic array of artwork, from painting, sculpture to photography, to prints, jewellery…etc. All the pieces on show will carry a price tag between £20 to several hundreds pounds, making this the perfect hunting ground for the “next big thing”, or a chance to purchase an original and unique piece from a talented local artist. The exhibition will showcase some of Brent’s wealth of artistic talent, and visitors are encouraged to explore and engage with this new art in a creative and relaxed and environment. The Spring Show was conceived in order to inspire new audiences to familiarise themselves with modern and contemporary art in the area, and to encourage the possibility of purchasing and collecting the art itself. This is a unique opportunity to explore the hidden art of one of London’s most vibrant and culturally diverse community galleries.

TheWall@TheGallery: Flick ‘n Click Art

An exhibition of Iconic Cinema Posters advertising Artists from Blockbuster Shows
Co-curated by Julia Dennis & Jolanta Jagiello
18 May 2010 – 18 June 2010.

Cinematic posters go back to advertising the earliest public showings of films inside movie theatres. Modern cinema posters feature illustrations of a scene or overlay images from several scenes, in a wide variety of artistic styles. Artists have been employed to produce original movie poster artwork from modern cult classics to vintage legends, such as Gone with Wind, Calendar Girls, Edward Scissorhands, and Pulp Fiction.
The Flick n’ Click Art exhibition is inspired by the teaser poster – an early promotional film poster, containing a basic image or design without revealing too much information on the plot, and characters. The purpose of the Flick ‘n Click Art exhibition is to incite awareness, and generate hype for a blockbuster art exhibition, artist or collection of artworks, rather than a film. To include artists such as Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, David Mckean, and Julian Opie.