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WARRIORS, an exhibition curated by a new independent curator team.

13 April – 14 May 2010

In a world where individuals are constantly striving to fight for purpose and meaning where once established conventions are now torn. The original concept of a ‘Warrior’ has now had to fight for its own meaning and the once war determined ideology has had to force itself into new armour.
A newly formed independent curator team are bringing their own cultural flares and experiences to produce this complex and challenging topic. Taking inspiration from the way the ideology of the warrior has ingratiated itself into various avenues of culture, including the rugby world where the inimitable ‘Haka’ is still used to intimidate opponents before taking the field for battle. This now iconic routine has inspired the curatorial team, Helen Batley, Nami Chikhlia and Jennifer Elder, having met and trained at Central Saint Martins to produce an extravaganza of Warriors in all their newly evolved glory.
Artists have come together with their own cultural awareness, this subjective topic has leapt out at individuals. By producing 3D, 2D and interpretative dance as this ‘Warriors’ exhibition has defeated any pre conceived ideas you are going to have. ‘Warriors’ can be drawn out from the individual and their own battles within themselves and their lives. Walking into this exhibition will invite voyeurs to observe how these young artists have taken up the subject matter and trophies their battles/journeys into art.
The artists: Ramona Barsalona, Helen Batley, Nami Chikhlia, Jennifer Elder, Emily Taylor, Joanna Western, Alex Witt, Kayleigh Witt, Chutima Kerdpitak, Haribaabu Naatesan, Katia Hickmer, Damien Jeffrey and Alexander Augustus Greenhalgh.


Lucid Dreaming by Bar Angello

On TheWall@theGallery  Lucid Dreaming by Bar Angello

13 April – 14 May 2010

The works exhibited are reproduced from a composition of drawings that are made with pencils pens on thick white paper. The surface is carefully reworked and the repetition across the surface plays an important role in the creating atmosphere, intensity and movement.
The traditional format contrasts with the use of felt tip pens and the artist states that the intensity of the image relates to the absence of mark making on first seeing the paper. Each mark made highlights or conceals the previous layer of marks. The image becomes a playful rhythm, often evolving into tranquil forms with their own narrative. Bar Angello describes the experience as her hand being led and ‘finding the picture that my eyes can’t see until it’s drawn’.
“This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of my beloved father, Joseph John Angello and to my beautiful mother, Barbara Ann”.
Curated by Dominik Havsteen-Franklin
With the support of Brent Arts Therapies