Funism with a side order of Stuckism

Supper Painting – Ella Guru

Funism with a side order of Stuckism

16 March – 9 April 2010

Art should be as much fun to look at as it is to think about, art should be intellectually engaging without being elitist. This exhibition takes us out of our comfort zone. Norm Magnusson Funism Artist, began creating allegorical animal paintings with pointed social commentaries. Eventually he became more and more interested in political art and its potential for persuasion. Stuckism is an international art movement that was founded in 1999 by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson to promote figuartive painting in opposition to conceptual art. The Stuckist have staged shows and gained media attention for outspoken comments and demonstrations, particularly outside Tate Britain against the Turner Prize, sometimes dressed in clown costumes. Funism and Stuckism both promote enjoyable and accessible art firmly rooted in our own times. Norm Magnusson’s quote about art that is “…aesthetically pleasing, emotionally uplifting, and intellectually challenging without being intellectually elitist” could also apply to many of the Stuckists’ paintings. Likewise the more playful side of Stuckism includes humour and absurdity also found in Funism.  The show features an eclectic mixes from various artists associated with Stuckism, Funism, both, and neither.                                                 Curated by Kyla Bullows
Participating artists: Ella Guru, Chris Yates, Norm Magnusson, Lou M, Anna Page, El Tel, Simon A Goodall, Kyla, Richard Smyth, Simon Bullows

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