Life Transitions



A group show curated by Sarah Harris
20 October – 13 November 2009


Day and Night by Maria Gouveli
People go through many changes in the course of their life.  They progress from being a student to work, from being single to married to possibly divorced or widowhood status.  They become parents, lose close ones such as parents.  Later on in life they realise they are just not going to do certain things any more such as going to late night parties, playing tennis or going on long distance travel.  Dreams they may have nurtured are just not going to be realised.
The theme of this exhibition is particularly apt in this time of economic downturn when many people are losing jobs and even homes and having to adapt to straitened circumstances.   Sometimes one is able to prepare for change as with a long engagement or retirement.  More often that not, change happens suddenly and is thrust upon us by means beyond our control. One often thinks one cannot cope but in fact once you reach the opposite shore you find you can.
Artists:  Anna Bialkowska, Rosalind Schogger, Stuart Handley, Loli Cardenoso, Kavita Kumari, Maria Gouveli,  Olarn Chiaravont, Allen Coombs, Pilar Cortes, Jack Chapman

Sarah Harris

In The Glass Cabinet

Mosaic Art  by Debra Collis

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