The Spring Show

 The Spring Show

A  BAR members Exhibition
A solo show by Pouk’Art  at TheWall@TheGallery  

 19 May – 18 June 2009

The Fishermen - Pat Bonner

The Fishermen – Pat Bonner

Featuring work from emerging talent as well as established local artists, this group show will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy and purchase an eclectic array of artwork, from painting, sculpture to photography, to prints, jewellery…etc.  The exhibition will showcase some of Brent’s wealth of artistic talent, and visitors are encouraged to explore and engage with this new art in a creative and relaxed and environment. The Spring Show was conceived in order to inspire new audiences to familiarise themselves with modern and contemporary art in the area, and to encourage the possibility of purchasing and collecting the art itself.
 This is a unique opportunity to explore the hidden art of one of London’s most vibrant and culturally diverse community galleries.

TheWall@TheGallery                          Solo exhibition by Pouk’Art

Feeding Time - Pouk'Art

Our portfolio consists of a variety of contemporary art, in almost every style: abstract, surrealism, cubism, portrait, landscape.  We aim to show in our work the importance and the privilege to be part of this world and to be able to share the earth with all the other living creatures. We believe everything created has its own importance, like the earth we live in – there is no other place where humans can share the same breath with animals and plants or drink the same water etc
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