An Exhibition of Burmese Art

BAR in collaboration with Tim Maitland 
An exhibition of Burmese Art

MAY 2009

Sunrise in Pagan Burma - Patrick Maung Yay

Sunrise in Pagan Burma – Patrick Maung Yay

Is it the untouched waters of Inle? The cool refreshing spray from the falls of Anisakan? The hospitality from the humble minds of many without the pollution of luxury? What is the beauty of Myanmar behind the military control?  ‘The Window to Burma’ displays the life, culture and political agenda of a nation restricted by its government but contains some of Nature’s most phenomenal work.
 ‘A window to Burma’ features modern Burmese artists based in the UK.
 Maung Yays work is inspired by Buddhist philosophy and the tranquillity of nature. He calls his work ‘futuristic symbolism’. Khin Myints paintings explore the beauty of the natural world against the horrors of the political world. She was the first woman to have a nude painting hung in public inBurma. Tin Tin Sann is a pioneer of the avant-garde art movement in Burma and is one of the first Burmese Artists to create and exhibit batik painting in Burma.
 Tim Maitland

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