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Group Show: Food for Thought


Food For Thought

AN Exhibition curated by John Thorogood

24th  March – 16th April 2009

What does ‘Food for Thought’ mean to you?
 A metaphorical expression, denoting thought-provoking issues and topics, it can also be interpreted in a literal, or playful, punning sense. If you are an artist with a political or spiritual theme to express, you may wish to explore moral, social or cosmological issues insofar as they invite reflection. How can your art convey ideas of fairness, equality or infinity? You may, on the other hand, want to consider the more concrete concept of ‘food’ – gastronomy, aesthetics, eating behaviour, the digestive process, etc. Yet again, you may see a way of confronting both metaphorical and literal interpretations of ‘Food for Thought’, and explore thoughts arising from e.g., famine /over-indulgence, the morality of food production, fads and allergies, etc. We have invited a group of artists to respond to it.
ARTISTS:      Diana Ali    Maria Alvarez Echenique     Trinidad Ball    John Blandy  Pat Bonner     Sandra Borszcz     Sandra Bussemas     Mary Crenshaw  Lucy Crispin    Anna Dolezal     Gillian Duffy     Myra Fricker      Jim Gigurtsis    Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury    Liam Herne     Maria Kaleta   Elisavet Kalpaxi       Vanya Karas       Paul Oz      Ioanna Pantazopoulou      Necole Schmitz        

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Solo Show by Kath Montegu


AN EXHIBITION by Kath Montegu

Tuesday 24th  March – Thursday 16th April

Ex—scientist, unused to verbalising the whys and wherefores, loves to draw and paint whatever whereever and whenever. Any medium attempted. Mostly landscape, far or near; people welcome; Life — still or moving.  I hope I am able to convey feelings which the subjects arouse in me. 

Kath Montagu