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David Ferguson – Conflict Resolution

Dec 24 2008 – 12 February 2009
Solo Show by David Ferguson and Conflict Resolution


Solo Show by David Ferguson

The artist says: “The only CV is my artwork. I have never been into self gratification.
I was quite good at art when l was at school, After that, nothing, Until osteoarthritis set into all my joints.  Art was the ideal essential therapy – starting with small paintings, and then advancing to larger works.
The painting boards I use are necessary because I am unable to paint onto soft flexible canvas, as my hands cannot handle it. I had large backing boards made up to stretch the canvas automatically, Using my own imagination and developing my own style I create colour rich paintings. The details in the paintings is restricted by the state of my hands, the amount of pain in them and the length of time I can spend sitting”

Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution This show aims to bring together a unique combination of artworks in different media in the area of conflict resolution (between countries, individuals or internal) and focuses in peaceful solutions. Conflict resolution is a range of processes aimed at alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict.
The artists: Mary Bodgan, Alessandro Carboni, Maria Emilov, Marion Hack, Andrew Hart, Enzo Marra and Charlotte Rich.

Glass Cabinet: Marcia Barritt


BAR Exhibition in Print

BAR Exhibition in Print

December 2008



ARTISTS Exhibiting:  Mark Adams, Charlotte Alergant, Marcia Barritt, Ed Bass, Lorenzo Belenguer, John Blandy, Guillaume Bourieau, Jane Cody, Renata Cygan, Charles Foster-Hall, Tanya Franks, Myra Fricker, Val Gleave, Constantine Gras, Leslie Gumede, Marion Hack, Rosemary Jo Hall, Geraldine Hallett, Andrew Hart, Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury, Gill Hickman, Montske Huguet, Maria Kaleta, Vanja Karas, Ruth Kitching, Matteo Merla, Peter Murry, Wilda Norwell-Woods, Nat Nyarko, Mary Pritchard, John Read, Hope Roberts, Wendy Roberts, Jas Singh, Rosalind Schogger, Claudine Smith, Brian Stanman, John Thorogood, Tony Wallis , Christine Warrington, Liz WattPete Webster, Susan Whitmore, Corinne Wright, Bei Yue


Antigone II 3/4

Antigone II 3/4