Video Screening: David Blandy, Jeremy Evans and Jana Riedel



On Thursday 27 Nov David Blandy once again took on the guise of his semi-fictional alter ego, the Barefoot Lone Pilgrim, as he searched for authenticity by seeking out artist Mingering Mike in the 1970’s feature “Space is the Place”. A fictional tale of one fictional character trying to find another fictional character by beaming himself across space and time through the tricknology of bluescreen, “The Search for MIngering Mike” investigated ideas of reality and identity and how much fantasies inform the way we view the world.
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Jeremy Evans: there is a space between our perception and our cognition of the world. The world is sensed and then we become cognisant of it through structures; time, narrative, culture, rules – conscious and sub-conscious, written and unwritten. It is in the space between the perceived and the cognisant that we fill with our experience, our stories and ourselves. What comes out is a slightly altered self that has moved from that one present to another present but with the past and the future having changed. We cannot sense ourselves sensing but we can be aware of the sensation – usually this is awareness of the sensation itself rather than of having the sensation
Jana Riedel is a Video Artist and Filmmaker based in London. She produces short films & documentaries and does commissions as Editor and Camera Operator. Her latest work as a Video Artist was called visions for the past and dealt with time, death and pasts we cannot leave behind or find closure to.Ballerina in a Bottle – Part 1 is Jana’s latest project and the first film in a series. It talks about the life of a dancer and what it means to be a professional.

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